Friday, December 2, 2016

Garlic (Yum!)


Not only is garlic a great taste treat added to almost anything savory, it's good for you! And, it's super easy to grow in the garden or in pots.  In spring you can eat the tops, call Scapes. Later fresh garlic and then dried garlic makes this yummy food available all year long. 

Tips for Growing:

For best results plant in Fall, but you can also plant in spring as early as the ground can be worked. 

Best site for growing is at the farmer's almanac

Cooking with Garlic

after removing the cloves from the outer shell, use a wide knife to squish the garlic cloves, this makes it easier to get the paper-like lining off the clove. Then I suggest a garlic squeeze, but just chopping with a knife works well too. 

Eat if Raw
Saute It
Roast It
Barbeque It
Burn it
Overuse It

Some great sites for handling and using garlic:

Medicinal Garlic:

Fights Disease by boosting immunity
Can reduce blood pressure
Us in place of antibiotics
Can fight cancer
Detoxifies the body
Insulin Resistant help

Read more about how great garlic is for you at:

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